We have an amazing team of experienced and qualified early learning teachers and assistants. Everyone at Woodlands is passionate about each child under their care and aims to make each day happy, constructive and rewarding for your child.

Our school has Biometric (Fingerprint) access system as well as cameras throughout the school. Special Ops 99 and Emergency Medical assistance are a phone call away for all emergency situations. Additionally we have a secure perimeter fence containing the campus and children cannot be seen from the road.

Well equipped
Each classroom is equipped with age appropriate toys and activities. This encourages natural learning through play. Our children add their personality to the class by proudly displaying their art and creations.

Our baby Nursery has been planned as a home away from home. Filled with love, affection and highly experienced staff, your baby will blossom through well planned opportunities for play and new experiences.

Our menu ensures that nutritious meals are prepared fresh daily. Specific dietary requirements can be accommodated. Hygiene and healthy choices are a strong focus for us. Meals are designed to give your child a balanced diet with all the nutrition he or she needs. All meals are made onsite and from the best ingredients. Meals are provided according to age group as follows:

Babies on milk/formula only
For our tiny babies only on milk/formula we don’t provide any food. Parents to send to school baby’s milk. 3 bottles for half day and 4 for full day.

Babies starting solids
Once we start introducing solids, we will be providing the solids. We will start off with puréed veggies and fruit and then start adding proteins. Half day babies will be given breakfast and lunch. Parents to send to school, 2 bottles for in between meals.

Babies that stay for after care will be given an additional snack and parents to send to school an additional bottle (3 bottles in total).

Toddlers up
For our toddlers and up we provide all meals and snacks. These include, for half day, breakfast, lunch and a snack.Full day will be given two additional snacks.

Our children are allowed to be children and run and play freely. Developing all major muscle groups and confidence through active play.

  • Toddlers exclusive playground – Smaller slides and lower steps makes it easier for a toddler to navigate and explore safely. Appropriate equipment keeps our toddlers challenged & engaged!
  • Advanced Playground – Making every minute outdoors count. A range of activities to engage children on many levels while encouraging social play. Specifically designed to make supervision more effective.

Open Area – An open area that allows unstructured play allowing children to use their imagination and fully express themselves without anyone or anything holding them back.

We help your child to learn through stimulation and personal experience in a number of ways providing the means to engage in constructive activity including:

  • Music – singing, dancing and learning to play an instrument are a
    part of daily life at Woodlands.
  • Puzzles and Building Blocks – helping to develop motor skills.
  • Aviary – bringing your child closer to the natural world with a colourful and busy aviary.
  • Story telling – so important to every child, at Woodlands we have an abundance of books for every age group.
  • Veggie Garden – with our own garden on campus your child learns to plant, grow, harvest and taste his or her very own veggies!

Woodlands Creche and Pre-School (Pty) Ltd.  I  7 Woodlands Avenue, Hurlingham Manor, Sandton, Johannesburg.

011 789 5307